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Quietways mapCity Transportation has been developing proposals for new cycle routes in the City called ‘Quietways’, and the Corporation is asking for our views on the proposals, which include Long Lane, Middle Street, Cloth Fair and Snow Hill in our ward.

The consultation will run until 6th December 2015:

The City Corporation has been developing proposals for new cycle routes in the City of London called Quietways. We are now consulting on the proposals and invite your comments and/or suggestions.

Quietways are part of the Mayor of London’s Vision for Cycling (see slide below). They will form a connected network of continuous cycle routes across inner and central London (known as the Central London Grid) and will predominately be on low-trafficked back streets. They are intended for new and less confident cyclists but anyone can use them. To learn more about the Quietways cycle routes please visit
There are two Quietways routes in the City (see map below):

1. Along an east-west corridor from Farringdon Street to Wilson Street and
2. Along a north-south corridor from Chiswell Street to Upper Thames Street

A map illustrating the proposed measures is [shown below], but further detailed plans together with an explanation are available online at

You can provide us with your comments by emailing us at or sending us a letter quoting “Quietways consultation” to the address at the bottom of this letter. Your feedback is very important to us as it will be taken into consideration before deciding how to proceed. If you like to be kept informed of the project, please also let us know.

Should you have any queries or require any further information, please contact Mark Kelder, Project Manager for the Quietways in the City of London, on 0207 332 3970, or email at
Thank you for your time and your response in advance.



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