Newgate Street / Warwick Lane – Road Safety Consultation

warwick-jncGiven the number of recorded accidents there, the junction of Newgate Street with Warwick Lane is one of the most dangerous laces in the ward to be a pedestrian or cyclist.  Consequently, the City is looking at ways to improve the junction and reduce the risks to all road users.  With this in mind, the following consultation has been launched.

Newgate Street / Warwick Lane is the most dangerous give-way junction in the City (excluding Transport for London’s Red Route). In the past five years there have been 15 personal injury collisions. Over half of these involved a pedal cyclist or pedestrian.

Engineers have investigated the collisions and the junction layout, and consider that the most effective way to improve road safety is to introduce traffic signals at the junction. This will include signalised pedestrian ‘green man’ crossing facilities on all arms and control all conflicting vehicle movements. However, the existing right turn ban from Warwick Lane will be retained to prevent Ave Maria Lane and Warwick Lane being used as a ‘rat run’ for traffic cutting from Ludgate Hill to Newgate Street. Please find enclosed a plan of the proposal.

Our consultants have traffic modelled the proposals and expect there to be no overall impact to motor vehicle journey times.  We would now like to hear your views. If you have any comments please email quoting ‘Newgate Street / Warwick Lane’ or call the Contact Centre on 020 7332 1710 or write to us at the address below before Friday 16th December 2016.

Please be sure to have your say before the deadline.


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