Cloth Fair Parking Trial Given Go-ahead

Following Wardmote resolutions in 2015 and 2016, the City has been working with residents and your Members, to try to come up with a way to reduce or eliminate the noise disturbance (as well as pollution) caused by minicabs sitting idling or temporarily parking in Cloth Fair, late at night and early into the morning, waiting for local fares. Various schemes have been suggested, all trying to balance a workable, effective solution to the problem, but at the same time trying not to cause significant adverse impact on residents in the street itself, and other lawful users, such as for visitors to residents and the church.

This issue has been raised a number of times at the Streets & Walkways Sub-Committee of the City’s Planning and Transportation Committee, and a proposal came back to Planning & Transport this week, were we voted to approve the introduction of double yellow lines on both sides in Cloth Fair, on an experimental basis. Members present at this meeting of the Planning & Transportation Committee, which included our Alderman Vincent Keaveny and myself, also supported an amendment to the proposals brought by officers from the Built Environment, to ensure a disabled parking bay was included in the scheme (Option 2 in Appendix A).

Please let us know what you think – your views, positive or negative, with affect the outcome of this trial.

Cloth Fair Noise Disturbance – Agenda item 9a from Planning & Transportation Committee, January 25th – Apendix A



December 2016 – Traffic Noise and Nuisance in Cloth Fair

October 2015 – Cloth Fair Noise Disturbance Consultation

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