About Graeme

I’ve worked in Farringdon Within since 2004 for a major financial institution as a Managing Director in Information Risk Management.

I am very proud of our Ward and our City, where I have spent the much of my life, working, studying and visiting.

I know and care about Farringdon Within, and have real connections with this part of the City.

I am committed to serving and supporting our local community, made up of residents, businesses and organisations of all sizes, and people like me, who commute into the Ward everyday, walking and using public transport.

I’m standing for re-election to help ensure the City continues to grow and improve for the benefit of everyone here – businesses small & large, commuters & workers, and all our residents.

I want to continue to volunteer my free time – which last year was the equivalent of over 45 working days – to provide the direction and independent oversight that I believe the City needs to continue to thrive and improve.

I believe I have the right skills, new ideas, insight and experience needed to help ensure both our Ward and City remain great places to live and to work – please vote to re-elect us all!

Graeme was elected as a Common Councilman in 2013 and is seeking re-election on March 23rd 2017.  Please use one of your 8 votes to vote for Graeme on March 23rd, but also to support both his colleagues Richard and Karina.

Contact me

Follow Graeme on Twitter @GraemeCity   |   Visit his own website www.Graeme.London    |   View Graeme’s LinkedIn profile 

You can contact Graeme directly by emailing Me@Graeme.London and by calling 07500 933 888

Additional information including membership of committees and outside bodies 2013-2017, may be found on the City of London website.


Service 2013-17

During the period of 2013-17, Graeme has served on a number of City of London committees including:

  • Planning and Transportation Committee (2013 – 17)
  • Information Systems Sub (Finance) Committee (2013 – 14)
  • Open Spaces and City Gardens (2014 – 17), Deputy Chairman (2015 – 16), Chairman (2016 – 17)
  • West Ham Park Committee (2014 – 17), Deputy Chairman (2015 – 16), Chairman (2016 – 17)
  • Audit & Risk Management Committee (2014 – 17)
  • Epping Forest & Commons Committee (2015 – 17), Deputy Chairman (2016 – 17)

Remuneration & Expenses

The role of a Councilman is entirely unpaid and voluntary.  Since being elected to office in 2013 Graeme has claimed NO expenses incurred in carrying out his duties.  He has had the use of some Corporation provided equipment (mobile & tablet) in order to carry out his duties and to securely receive and read papers electronically – he prefers to avoid having the thousands of pages of reports physically printed, bound and mailed where possible.  He’s occassionally used coaches laid on by the City to transport larger groups of members and officers to visits and events, but has also used his own car and paid for his own train tickets to get to other locations as part of his official duties.

Additional information including membership on current committees and outside bodies, may be found on the City of London website.


Graeme has worked in Farringdon Within for BNY Mellon as a Managing Director in Information Risk Manager since 2005, just opposite Blackfriars Station in Queen Victoria Street.

He was born and still lives in Loughton in Epping Forest, in Essex and which is owned and maintained by the City of London, and commutes into St.Paul’s every working day on the Central Line.

He went to school at Bancroft’s in Woodford Green, a school supported by the Drapers Company, which gave him an early introduction to some of the work of the City Livery.

Then after three years at the City University London studying Business Studies in the Barbican Centre, he graduated and started work as a Student Chartered Accountant in Loughton and New Bridge Street for a year or so, before moving to the City office in St. John Street just north of the Ward.

In 1994 he started work for S.G.Warburgs in King William Street next to the Monument, and from then on he’s always worked in the City; for Schroders on the eastern edge of the Ward in King Edward Street and Gresham Street, and then since 1999 for Newton Investment Management and BNY Mellon in Queen Victoria Street.

One of the main reasons he’s standing for election this year, is his desire to “give something back” to the City.

“I think I’m fairly typical of a lot of people who work in the Ward and the City, but I also think I’ve been more fortunate than most in that the City has provided me with a great forest in which to grow up and live within, a school supported by the Livery, a superb business school in the heart of financial capital of the world, and a great place in which to spend practically all my working life.”

“I spend a lot of my time in the City, and it’s a great place to work and relax, but there are always things that we can improve on. I’d like to give something back, and help make the Ward and the City a better place for fellow workers, residents and visitors alike.”

Graeme is a Liveryman of the Worshipful Company of Information Technologists, who have their liveryhall in the north of our Ward at Bartholomew Close.

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