Periodically, the City of London publishes a newsletter for each ward in the City, with contributions from Councilmen in each ward.  The latest newsletter can be found on the Corporation’s website.

July 2016

Ludgate Hill Crossing
Holiday Lets
Smoking Butt Bins
Non-appearing Dining Club
Register this year, vote next
Do you like to be levtured?City Advice
Weekend noise from constructon works

December 2015

Farringdon Within – The Changing Face of our Ward
Barts Square
There’s still time to register
Annual Wardmotes
New Cycle Superhighways coming soon to the Square Mile
Another step forward for superfast broadband in the City
Meet your Members

June 2015
Update on Barts Square
Ward Mote
Farringdon Within – The Future
Keep on the register & spread the word
Going Underground
A milestone year for the City
Segregated Cycle Superhighway in the City of London
The new municipal year – roles and responsibilities

December 2014
Responding to Planning Applications
It’s not too late – voter registration
Annual Wardmotes
Get Carta! – Magna Carta celebrations
The Social Network
Educational opportunity
Update on Barts Square
An opportunity to ‘Meet your Members’

June 2014
Road works and traffic problems in the City
Educational opportunity
Police Community Partnership meetings
It’s 20 for a reason
Capacity building
Hats off to the City of London Festival!
Registering means having your say
Farringdon Ward Club

December 2013
A new Alderman for Farringdon Within
And good-bye to Bob Hall
Barts Square
A reminder from the City of London Police
You don’t have to spend a penny to spend a penny – Community toilet scheme
Whatever your interest, there’s a lecture for you – Gresham College
Enjoy the City – anytime
Meet your members
Late-night noise – Contact numbers

June 2013
Barts Square Development
Late-night Noise
Elections 2013 – Your Vote mattered



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